Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Walk Among Giants

Welcome to Muir Woods.

I stand all amazed.

There is beauty all around the redwood forest.
This is the view looking up from Earth.


This is called a redwood burl. What are burls?
An impressive experience occured yesterday--one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. We decided sporadically to go see the Muir Woods redwoods. Have you all seen Jurassic Park? Do you remember the look of wonder and shock on Doctor Grant's face when he gazes upon a Brontosaurus for the first time? Do you remember the orchestra of music commencing its award-winning ensemble in dramatic fashion? That is how we felt as our eyes met the Lord's largest floral creations. "Impressive" is inadequate. "Sublime" touches the surface as to the beauty and wonder of those majestic redwoods. On our drive home, normal trees appeared as little bushes to our glance, and the buildings as fallen logs.

Hiking through this national park, the "heartbeat of the Earth" spoke to my spirit and I felt happiness. It was clear to me that this Earth in all its wonder is part of God's eternal plan for his children. Have you ever wondered if there is a Creator? Have you ever wondered why we are here?  I testify that there is a plan--a plan of redemption, a plan of happiness. Learn more about this plan on the church's website: http://mormon.org/plan-of-happiness/

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