Saturday, March 26, 2011

Choose to be a Hero

Occasionally I ponder about what I will say in my homecoming address. When the time comes there will be two years worth of experiences, trials, triumphs, and people to reflect upon. How can one cram and synthesize so much into a ten to fifteen minute report? Despite the vast array of possibilities and ideas, my mind seems to always point towards a particular message and audience while reflecting on the matter. The audience being young men and the message being that a full-time mission will be the best experience of their life.

How can that be? How can following a rigorous schedule every day, being rejected by thousands of strangers, and putting on hold the passions and goals of life for two long years amount to any sense of achievement or grandeur? Can it be that constantly studying the scriptures, praying, and being involved with the Lord's work actually makes one happy? Let me explain. I will tell you what my mission has taught me. It has taught me that we must always be positive, that setting worthy goals and striving to achieve them brings a sense of fulfillment, and that giving is better than receiving. I have learned that goals without a vision is drudgery and that a vision without a goal is a fantasy. I have learned how to compromise in times of disagreement, how to overcome times of deep physical and emotional trial, how to work and serve in a loving manner. I have learned the joys of seeking the welfare of others, and bringing them unto their maker. I know now that to choose Christ is to choose to change. I have also learned that my loyalties should not be narrow but that I should behold everyone equally as brothers and sisters. I have learned for myself that "wickedness never was happiness" and that true happiness comes from prolonged righteousness. The Lord's promise that if you will lose yourself for his sake, you will find yourself is true. I know it and cannot deny it. If there is a young man out there that is reading this blog, I testify to you that your mission will change your life. It will be the best, hardest thing you will ever do but it will save you. I know because it has saved me and has opened my spiritual eyes to see things as they really are. I am not perfect yet but I have a vision of my life now and a deep gratitude for the Lord. I beg you to choose to be a hero and reach out to save those that will accept your help.


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